[OpenID board] Agenda item request: Statements about the nature of reciprocal IPR commitments to working groups

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Tue Jul 1 21:25:14 UTC 2008

This excerpt from a PAPE discussion explains the item and the reason for it:

Ben raised a very valid (and separate) point about the IPR contributions to working groups: that it would be good to enable those who want to make a statement about the nature of their reciprocal IPR promise to the working group to do so.  We put language in to enable those statements into the retroactive IPR commitment documents that people signed for Auth 2.0, Simple Reg, AX, etc.  I believe it would be very reasonable for the board to add language enabling that to the forward-looking IPR commitment documents for working groups as well.  We can raise that as an agenda item on the next board call.  I'll also note that not having this language in the standard form doesn't prevent anyone from making this statement today, should they choose to do so.  Indeed, the point of my attachment was to suggest language that people could employ today by signing and posting a separate document, should they want to make such a statement about their promise.

Assuming the board approves the intent of this, I'll have David Daggett incorporate the language into the IPR contribution agreement and submit revised drafts to the board for approval.

                                                                -- Mike

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