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Snorri snorri at snorri.eu
Mon Jan 28 00:34:33 UTC 2008



You finalize the OIDF Member Agreement and congratulation you,


The opportunity to inform you of operation in Europe:


I know now the effectiveness of "OpenID local chapter" (For large countries
who do not speak English)

For example in France, "OpenID France" (Christophe Ducamp ) was created =>
<http://www.openid.asso.fr> www.openid.asso.fr  => NPO of French law.


OpenID France already has received several Members Agreement (French MA =
easier than OIDF = only 1/2 pages) and is directly related to "OpenID
Europe" (OIDE) => NPO of Belgium law.


The experiment will continue soon in other EU Countries but the France is a


The goal is to simplify the differents initiatives depending on the EU
country and to have a single operating model 

Thus OpenID Europe should become OIDF Member but off course his contribution
will be greater than that fixed by the

"Membership Application" (NPO)


To resume, in general, I think that it is important now to think now and
sign a document between OIDF and OIDE about our mission statement. 


What do you think?


I'm at your disposal to give more information





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