[OpenID board] Membership agreement ...

Drummond Reed drummond.reed at cordance.net
Wed Jan 16 03:46:13 UTC 2008

Scott, I have reviewed the membership agreement (I only saw one -- are their
multiple?). I'm fine with an email vote, but we're close enough to
Thursday's call that maybe it would be easiest to just do it there.

If an immediate email vote is preferred, I am happy to make a motion to
approve the membership agreement Bill distributed to the board, and to vote
in favor of that motion.


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> Hi Everybody,
> I'm wondering if we're at a point to declare the membership agreements
> final and ready for use by the OIDF?  I'd like to make a motion to
> declare the membership agreements that Bill has distributed as final
> and would love to either vote on it here in email or on Thursdays
> call.
> - Scott
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