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Nicely written up. You can tell you have experience with this subject ;-)


I particularly like the emphasis on local self-organization (what Identity
Commons calls "delegating to the most local part"). 


I second these guidelines, and agree it would be great to cover in this
week's meeting.






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As per our discussion on the last board call, here are some of my thoughts
about local chapters, based on my experience with USENIX local chapters.


  - Local chapter members must be members of the OIDF.

  - Local chapters can either be informal organizations or formal legal
entities, which is a decision we can leave to the organizers.

  - Local chapters must register with OIDF.

  - Local chapters must have a designated leadership team of at least three

  - Local chapters should have their own web site listing events and news.

  - Local chapter sites are the responsibility of the chapter organizers,
not the OIDF staff and volunteers.

  - We should allow any three OIDF members who declare themselves to be the
leadership team for a local chapter to create one.  We should *not* express
any favoritism between local chapters, even if multiple competing chapters
form in a given region or city.

  - To be recognized by the OIDF, chapters must agree that their activities
will be for the purpose of supporting the OIDF and OpenID, not competing
with the OIDF in any way.  They must agree, for instance, that any
intellectual property or trademarks developed or held by the local chapter
must either be owned by OIDF, jointly owned by the OIDF, or licensed to the
OIDF under terms that allow OIDF to use them in whatever way it sees fit,
including sublicensing to others under terms of its choosing.

  - Chapters must exhibit "liveness" to remain recognized by the OIDF.  At
least every 6 months, the leaders should report on their chapter activities.
Meetings are good.  Evidence of an active mailing list is sufficient.
Making no report of activities when requested to do so is grounds for
de-listing the chapter.

  - There should be a "Local Chapters" committee authorized by the board
that is the interface to the local chapters.  It's fine for this committee
to include some non-board members.  In fact, while I would have at least one
board liaison to the committee, it would be a good idea to have several
local chapter leaders on the committee as well.

  - In return for local chapters registering with the OIDF, we will list the
chapter on the OIDF website in a list sorted by geography, providing contact
information for the chapter.


We should add an addenda item to the board call to discuss these guidelines.


So who wants to be on the Local Chapters committee and what external members
should we recruit?


                                                Best wishes,

                                                -- Mike


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