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Since this mail is rather long, here is the excecutive summary.

(0) I want to start contributing and thus sign the contribution agreement.
(1) The current non-assertion agreement is only for the works of the past.
(2) Therefore, it does not work for the new contributions on a new work group.
(3) Which document shall I sign for making contributions?

Following is the detail:


The document is specifically for the Specifications which is defined
as in section 1 (g)

(g) "Specifications"  means  solely  the  indicated  versions  of  the
 following  documents  (each  of  which,  as  of  the
Effective  Date,  is  located  at  the  indicated  URL):  (i) OpenID
Authentication  1.1  (http://openid.net/specs/openid©\
authentication©\1_1.html);;  (ii) OpenID  Simple  Registration
Extension  1.0  (http://openid.net/specs/openid©\simple©\
registration©\extension©\1_0.html);;  (iii) OpenID  Authentication  2.0
¨C  Implementer's  Draft  12
(http://openid.net/specs/openid©\authentication©\2_0©\12.html);  (v)
Yadis  Discovery  Protocol  1.0
(http://yadis.org/papers/yadis©\v1.0.pdf);  and  (vi) OpenID  Attribute
 Exchange  ¨C  Draft  8

Moreover, "Contribution" is defined in section 1(a) as

(a) "Contributions"  means  any  written  communication  made  by  or
on  behalf  of  Contributor  before  the  Effective Date and intended
for inclusion in a Specification.

Note that Effective Date is the date of signing this agreement.

So it does not include the future proposed specification at all, from
what I see.
To this extent, I do not think this agreement can be used to initiate
a new Work Group specified in the spec. process document. In fact,
none of us, including those who have signed this contribution
agreement can start contributing for new things at all, if my
interpretation is right (and I think I am right.)


2008/2/20, Nat Sakimura <n-sakimura at nri.co.jp>:
> Hi all:
>  I have looked at:
>  http://openid.net/ipr/Non-Assertion-Agreement/OpenID_IP_Contribution_Agreement_(Entities)_20071205.pdf
>  Looks like it is not the general case. (If I am not reading it wrong, it
>  only covers "the Specifications")
>  If I were to start a WG process, the contributors need to submit
>  Contribution Agreement as par IPR Policy. Which particular document
>  should I submit?
>  Regards,
>  --
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>  Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.
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