[OpenID board] Agenda for 2/14/2008 ...

David Recordon drecordon at sixapart.com
Wed Feb 13 00:09:46 UTC 2008

Can we please add the local chapters discussion to the agenda for this  
week?  We've had a lot of good discussion and it sounds like the  
emergence of consensus around local chapters of the Foundation.


On Feb 12, 2008, at 1:57 PM, Scott Kveton wrote:

> Hi Everybody,
> I sent a note out earlier about the board meeting we'll be having on
> Thursday but I wanted to follow-up quickly with a few guidelines for
> the call as we have several new members joining us.
> * General Business: We cover some basics around general business to
> start the call off.  This involves voting to approve previous board
> meeting minutes, finance update about money in/out of the Foundation's
> bank account and also gathering any agenda items that can be appended
> to the end of the meeting.  Ideally all agenda items will be sent in
> before the meeting and I'll share them on the Google calendar we have.
> * Committees: There are currently several committees within the OpenID
> Foundation that have been organized to accomplish things like manage
> finances, oversee trademarks, etc.  We'll want to revisit this/get
> acquainted with during the first call with everyone in attendance.  I
> imagine we'll want to augment/update/add to these committees with the
> expanded scope of the Foundation.  For a comprehensive list, see here:
> http://wiki.openid.net/OpenID_Foundation/Committees
> * Motions/voting:  We often have discussions that lead to having to
> make a decision about something.  We generally call for a motion and a
> second.  If that is reached, the Chair will ask if there is anyone
> opposed to the motion.  If not, we'll consider the motion passed.
> * Meeting minutes: The secretary (currently Martin Atkins) takes notes
> during the call.  He will record everything unless otherwise noted.
> Some discussions warrant a "closed door" so please mention this if
> you're not wanting something mentioned in the minutes.  The minutes
> are distributed privately to the board and will be voted on during the
> next board meeting.  If approved, they will be sent to the
> board at openid.net list as well as posted on wiki.openid.net.
> * Timing: Ideally the board meetings will run 1 hour at the longest.
> If it can be discussed on the mailing list, it should be.  We're all
> busy people so when the meeting is done, the meeting is done.  We
> don't have to fill the hour.  I'll ask that everyone keep this in mind
> as we're on the calls.
> Let me know if I missed anything or if you have any questions.  Talk
> to you all on Thursday.
> - Scott
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