[OpenID board] OpenID Foundation and Japan

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+1. This model should scale well.





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I'll also endorse the local chapters idea, as that has worked well for
USENIX's SAGE class of members, for instance.  I would oppose creating
separate legal entities for chapters for a lot of the reasons already stated
in this thread, but it sounds like the consensus is already to go with a
chapters model, with all the members worldwide being members of OIDF.


>From experience, I'll say too that the value a local chapters is almost
directly proportional to the energy that the chapter coordinator(s) put into
it.  So the key thing is to find people with drive, organizational skills,
and time to make these happen.



                                                -- Mike



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Hi Nat,

Thanks for this report.  An excellent beginning, it seems clear.  I realize
that very likely we might do well to start considering a few regional
chapters in North America this year: 
Silicon Valley/San Francisco Bay Area, 
Boston/New York/Washington, D.C.

okay, it's getting late...


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We had a very productive meeting this morning in Tokyo, with Seki-san of 
SixApart, Sakamoto-san and Ishikawa-san of Verisign Japan and myself 
(from Nomura Research Institute, and XDI.ORG).

Among other things, here are our concensus:

1. Japanese organization should start as the Japan Chapter of OpenID 
    (i.e., no legal entity but a virtual chapter of OIDF as Seki-san 
suggested in
  the previous mail.). Thus, to join Japan Chapter, it has to be a 
member of
  OIDF, thus policies around IPR, trademark, membership, etc would also 
apply to

  Its primary purpose includes:
  - Promotion of OpenID in Japan through:
      - Preparation of Japanese translation of the SPECs.
      - Preparation of Introductory Materials to End users explaining
          - How to use OpenID
          - Why using OpenID is good.
      - Establishing working groups to discuss issues including 
Japanese specific ones.
      - Press Relations
  - Feedback to OpenID Foundation on the findings and requests from 
Japanese market.

2. We should target at annoucing it on Feb.28, when David comes to Japan.
    Outline of the proposed announcement is being prepared right now.

3. For this to happen, obviously, we need OpenID Foundation's endorsment.
    Also, OIDF's assistance to encourage Japanese entities of those 
Corporate Board
    comapnies to join Japan Chapter is sought.

4. In pararell to 3. , we start recruiting the Japanese members.

Bill, if the boards are ok with these, could you kindly follow up 
especially with
item 3. above, please?


Nat Sakimura (=nat)


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