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Kentaro Sakamoto k-sakamoto at verisign.co.jp
Tue Feb 12 03:15:58 UTC 2008

I'm Kentaro Sakamoto from Verisign Japan.
I added Ishikawa-san who is in charge of technical research function in
Verisign Japan.

Kentaro Sakamoto 
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> Seki-san:
> In your comments below you say:  "...and some major ID 
> providers, such as Microsoft Japan..."  I personally am very 
> familiar with the work being done at the other sites you 
> mentioned but I was unaware of any specific activities of a 
> Microsoft service in Japan around OpenID.
> Could you expand upon that a bit?
> Thanks,
> Gary.
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> Hi all,
> I am Nob Seki, General Manager of Six Apart for Japan. Let me 
> give you a quick overview of the market.
> Adoption of OpenID in Japan is almost as quick as that in the 
> US, so it is great if we can show some momentum to the 
> Japanese market. The biggest ID provider, Yahoo Japan, 
> announced the adoption of OpenID on the same day of the 
> announcement of Yahoo!, Inc, and some major ID providers, 
> such as Microsoft Japan, Livedoor and Hatena, already support 
> OpenID. (Google's Blogger does not have big presence in the 
> Japanese market -- yet ;-)
> Especially after the corporate board was established at OIDF 
> last week, big attention to OpenID has been made in the 
> Japanese market, so it would be great if we do something soon 
> in the market. FYI, David will come to Tokyo in the week of 
> Feb 25, so we may have a press conference describing the 
> general principle of OIDF to the rest of the world then.
> Me personally likes Option 2 (no legal entity but a virtual chapter of
> OIDF) because (a) it is easy and quick, (b) Japanese 
> providers do not have to take part in two entities (OIDF and 
> its Japanese entity), and
> (c) clear affiliation b/w OIDF and Japanese providers is made 
> (contribution should be made to OIDF, not its Japanese entity 
> if established).
> That's my personal thought, so please feel free to discuss further!
> Thanks,
> Nob Seki (nseki at sixapart.jp)
> Six Apart, Ltd.
> David Recordon wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > I'm trying to bring together a few different threads of 
> conversation 
> > around formalizing OpenID in Japan.  Six Apart KK, NRI, and 
> VeriSign 
> > KK have been speaking for the past few months about the 
> desire to both 
> > protect OpenID intellectual property in Japan as well as having an 
> > organization to promote and encourage adoption of OpenID 
> via.  So far 
> > there seem to be a few possibilities (feel free to correct me if I'm
> > wrong):
> >  1) Do not establish any legal entity or formal recognition 
> of members 
> > of the OpenID Foundation from Japan
> >  2) Do not establish a legal entity in Japan but somehow recognize 
> > members of the OpenID Foundation from Japan
> >  3) Establish a legal entity in Japan which is not formally part of 
> > the OpenID Foundation, but is recognized like OpenID Europe 
> Foundation
> >  4) Establish a legal entity in Japan which is formally a 
> part of the 
> > OpenID Foundation (eg Mozilla Europe)
> >
> > Obviously there are various pros and cons to each choice, though we 
> > should also remember that the decision here will most 
> likely dictate 
> > the outcome of future similar scenarios.  I'd be especially 
> interested 
> > in the views of the multi-national companies especially those also 
> > working with OpenID internationally.
> >
> > --David
> >
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