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Snorri snorri at snorri.eu
Sun Feb 10 22:55:25 UTC 2008

Hi All,

About OpenID intellectual property in Japan, As I have (the TM) it has
already been protected... But it's a long process.
Finally it's now in the WIPO Database
Enter "OpenID" 4th box
At the bottom of page (832) = JP Japan
But we have to wait 3 months for this to show up in the Japanese database
There are also a second registration of 2007 that will appear in 5 month in
But the first priority is March 2007

By coincidence I meet in Paris this week a motivated person (An Kiet) to
propose "OpenID Asia"
Mozilla is a good example but careful because the operation of OpenID
Foundation is different and OIDF is not a new ICANN? ;-)

I know that create an NPO in Japan is most complicated than USA or Europe
And tomorrow the same question de asked to Korea, China...

For me it's better to create "OpenID Asia" like in Europe with the
Representative in each Asian country
Of course the Japan can be the Pilot like France in Europe  

After (When? :) I think that OIDF must establish a protocol between "OpenID
Europe" and "Asia OpenID"

For example : Mozilla Europe is affiliated at Mozilla Foundation  

David, ready to create an Asian Mailing List? =  asia at openid.net ? :)



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Hi all,
I'm trying to bring together a few different threads of conversation  
around formalizing OpenID in Japan.  Six Apart KK, NRI, and VeriSign  
KK have been speaking for the past few months about the desire to both  
protect OpenID intellectual property in Japan as well as having an  
organization to promote and encourage adoption of OpenID via.  So far  
there seem to be a few possibilities (feel free to correct me if I'm  
  1) Do not establish any legal entity or formal recognition of  
members of the OpenID Foundation from Japan
  2) Do not establish a legal entity in Japan but somehow recognize  
members of the OpenID Foundation from Japan
  3) Establish a legal entity in Japan which is not formally part of  
the OpenID Foundation, but is recognized like OpenID Europe Foundation
  4) Establish a legal entity in Japan which is formally a part of the  
OpenID Foundation (eg Mozilla Europe)

Obviously there are various pros and cons to each choice, though we  
should also remember that the decision here will most likely dictate  
the outcome of future similar scenarios.  I'd be especially interested  
in the views of the multi-national companies especially those also  
working with OpenID internationally.


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