[OpenID board] Helping the Foundation Answer Everyone's Questions

David Recordon drecordon at sixapart.com
Sat Feb 9 22:31:32 UTC 2008

Hey all,
Been catching up on all the threads the past few days and first just  
want to say how great it is to see the excitement and energy around  
the OpenID Foundation!  That said, I certainly understand that this  
announcement has raised more questions around the Foundation, it's  
bylaws, processes, etc.

Below are a list of links which should be helpful, though it would be  
great if you could help us figure out what we need to link from http://openid.net/foundation/ 

  - IPR overview - http://openid.net/foundation/intellectual-property/
  - Why the IPR policy and process - http://openid.net/pipermail/legal/2007-September/000032.html
  - IPR Non-Assertion Agreements for Entities and Individuals (covers  
through OpenID 2.0) - http://openid.net/ipr/Non-Assertion-Agreement/
  - IPR Policy and Process (for new spec working groups) - http://openid.net/ipr/
  - Executed IPR Non-Assertion Agreements (not all from the corporate  
board members have been uploaded yet) - http://openid.net/ipr/Non-Assertion-Agreement/executed/

  - Articles of Incorporation with the state of Oregon (http://openid.net/pipermail/board/2007-May/000274.html 
) - http://openid.net/pipermail/board/attachments/20070514/5e362134/attachment-0001.pdf
  - Basic policies and procedures - http://openid.net/board/p-and-p/OpenID-Policies-and-Procedures.pdf
  - Board Meeting Minutes - http://wiki.openid.net/Special:Contributions/Martin
  - Membership agreement - http://openid.net/board/members/

I hope this helps to show that we really are trying to be transparent  
and public with everything that we're doing, but I'm certainly willing  
to admit that we didn't do a great job making all of this information  
easy to find. :)


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