[OpenID board] FW: [OpenID] OSIS I4 OpenID Interop Call for Participation

Mike Jones Michael.Jones at microsoft.com
Tue Aug 26 16:20:03 UTC 2008

Dear board,

I wanted to make sure you saw the call for participation for OpenID interop participants below.  John Bradley has been doing fantastic work putting up test endpoints and writing test descriptions for specific key OpenID features, including security-related features.  Please encourage others you know who have important OpenID OP or RP implementations to also participate.

                                                                -- Mike

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Subject: [OpenID] OSIS I4 OpenID Interop Call for Participation

The OpenID Feature tests for the OSIS http://osis.idcommons.net/ interop that happening through DIDW Sep 8-10 are now available.
This interop is an opportunity for implementers to try their implementations together and verify that their implementations are using best practices.
Solutions do not "pass" or "fail".  Rather, this is an opportunity to gain data to improve both the interoperability and security of your implementations.

OP Features are listed at http://osis.idcommons.net/wiki/I4:OpenID_Identity_Provider_Features
RP Features are listed at http://osis.idcommons.net/wiki/I4:OpenID_Relying_Party_Features

There are a reasonable number of Feature tests for your enjoyment.  I am still working on adding tests for some of the listed features.
People who would like to contribute tests and custom endpoints to exercise features, please contact me directly.

If your project or site are not included in the Solutions list, and you would like to be please contact myself or Michael.Jones at microsoft.com<mailto:Michael.Jones at microsoft.com> to get added to the list.

These OpenID solutions are participating thus far:
OpenID Providers:  http://osis.idcommons.net/wiki/Category:I4_OpenID_Identity_Provider
Relying Parties:  http://osis.idcommons.net/wiki/Category:I4_OpenID_Relying_Party
If you are on the Solutions list, please check your entries for any changes that need to be made to update the information from the I3 interop.

Some of the tests results have been filled out by me in the process of writing the tests.  Feel free to update my results.  The overall test results matrix can be found at http://osis.idcommons.net/wiki/I4:Overall_Results .

Please fill out the test results for your solution over the next two weeks, if possible.

John Bradley
john.bradley at wingaa.com<mailto:john.bradley at wingaa.com>
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