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Scott Kveton scott at kveton.com
Tue Aug 26 13:59:10 UTC 2008

> I think that this should be part of the process so it does not get lost and
> we keep a balance, the other items is are all the positions elected or are
> some appointed ?

The current draft of the bylaws state:

Section VI.

            Nomination and Election

      .  The officers of this corporation shall be elected annually by
the Board of Directors in accordance with this Article 6.  Each
officer shall hold his or her office until he or she shall resign or
shall be removed or his or her successor shall be elected and
qualified.  Elections of officers shall be held promptly following the
election of directors each year, and all directors may nominate
candidates for each officer position.  Each officer's term of office
shall be one year.  All officers, other than the Executive Director,
must be directors of this corporation.  Subject to the other
limitations contained in this Section 6.2, there shall be no
prohibition on re-election of an officer following the completion of
that officer's term of office.  The Board of Directors may, by
resolution, establish procedures governing nomination and election of
officers that are consistent with these Bylaws.

This draft does not cover anything wrt the officers and balance
between community and corporate board seats for officer positions.  If
we want to add something about that, its going to require some changes
to Article 6 as well as specifically defining the Executive Committee
and the relationship of the "at-large board member" that is a part of
that committee.

Thoughts?  I can't seem to track down what other Exec Committees are
doing in the non-profit sector.  I do still believe this is important
especially if we continue down the path of considering expanded board

- Scott

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