[OpenID board] Executive committee ...

Scott Kveton scott at kveton.com
Tue Aug 26 04:13:06 UTC 2008

> I was unanimously elected to the executive committee by the board when it was formed 2-3 months ago, (I believe) based on my substantial ongoing contributions to the board and its work.  Unless there has been another election, I hope that all will agree that that remains in effect that that the current executive committee remains seated, unless a motion was made that passed to disband the existing executive committee.
> Now that I'm back from vacation, I'll be on the board call on Thursday.

Really?  I don't recall this but I did miss a board call a few months
ago so that might have overlapped with that.  Anybody else remember

Mike: do you remember any of the other members elected to this
committee?  Again, I can't find this in the meeting notes that have
been published but those might have also gotten lost in the shuffle.

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