[OpenID board] OIDF Board priorities ...

Scott Kveton scott at kveton.com
Mon Aug 25 20:40:49 UTC 2008

During our last board call, Johannes shared the work he has been doing
with the community at large around identifying a list of potential
priorities for the OIDF Board.  The list is rather exhaustive and can
be found here:


There was significant overlap between this and the work I have been
doing on a short-term action plan to help promote transparency and
increase membership in the OIDF.

The feedback Johannes gathered boils down to focus on the following four areas:

       1) Security. The proposal is to hire an outside consultant to
write up a report.
       2) Executive Director. Complete the hiring of the new ED.
       3) Customer Research. Obtain feedback from both OpenID adopters
and those who have chosen not to adopt.
       4) Member Engagement. Put in place tools for communicating with
the community, specifically by creating a membership newsletter.

Looking over the short-term action plan I had discussed with other
board members, it was clear that all of the items fit into the above 4
priorities.  I'd like to outline specific short-term action items that
we can discuss here and (hopefully) vote on during the 8/28/2008 board
call.  Note: there is an action item below for the Membership
committee (Bill, David, Gary & DeWitt).

1) Security

Security is clearly a priority and I'm proposing that Tony Nadalin of
IBM chair a security committee.  The goal of the security committee
will be to identify ways we can address security concerns around
OpenID.  Status: Scott will propose this during the 8/28/2008 board
call for vote.

2) Executive Director

The hiring committee (Scott, Raj and David) have forwarded a position
description for the Executive Director last week.  Status: PD has been
reviewed by board and recruiting committee will publish to OpenID
general list week of 8/25/2008 and potentially retain a recruiter to
help fill the position.  Status: More discussion to happen 8/28/2008
board call.

3) Customer Research

We need to know more from current and potential users of OpenID what
they need to make it more relevant for them.  What's missing?  What's
not?  Johannes has agreed to participate in these discussions and I'm
also very interested in participating.  Status: Johannes and Scott
will work on identifying other volunteers and a course of action to be
proposed on the board list in the coming weeks.

4) Member engagement

There are several short-term action items we can be doing here to
encourage more community engagement:

Deploy membership tools:  Bill Washburn has been working with
RefreshMedia to deliver a set of tools that make it easier to become a
member of the OIDF as well as gives the ability to vote with your
OpenID.  Bill gave a report on this during the 8/14/2008 call.
Status: completed ...

Elect an Executive Committee:  The board needs to vote to create an
executive committee and then vote on who should be its members.  The
Executive Committee will be focused on the day-to-day activities of
driving the organization as well as work closely with the new ED to
make sure we're on track.  This committee will also act as the 'Board
Development Committee' that will be tasked with identifying potential
new board members both corporate and community and encourage them to
participate.  The Executive Committee will also help the board focus
with its increasing size (see below).  Status: completed ... created
on 8/14/2008 call and discussions continuing on make-up of the
committee on board mailing list.

Expand the Board size:  There has been significant interest in
expanding the number of corporate board seats (and thus community
seats).  I am proposing that we add 5 more corporate board seats and 5
more community seats.  Ideally this would happen around election time
for the original community board seats.  The goal is to empower those
that are interested in participating in the OIDF to do so.  Status:
Scott will propose this on the 8/28/2008 board phone call.

Solicit applications for corporate board seats:  If/when we add the
new corporate board seats we will need to identify potential companies
looking to join.  The new membership system allows potential corporate
board members to easily apply.  The Executive Director and Executive
Committee will begin recruiting of new board members.  After the
application deadline, the board will vote to elect which members to
join the board.  Ideally this will happen during the membership drive
with the selections happening before the election of the community
board members (or should this be directly after?).  Status: Pending
and dependent on decision to expand board size.

Membership drive:  During the months of August and September, the
membership committee (Bill, David, Gary and DeWitt) will work with the
rest of the board members to help with a membership drive.  This drive
should be substantially easier with the new membership tools that Bill
has been working to get implemented.  Ideally each board member would
do some personal PR (via blog, twitter, etc) and Bill should do an
email to the General OpenID mailing list to elicit participation.
This needs to get started as soon as the membership tools are
completed and released to the public.  We'll need to set a proposed
completion date on this and schedule community elections immediately
after.  Status: Membership committee needs to propose a membership
drive plan-of-attack.

Community board seat elections: Once we have a sufficient membership,
we will hold elections for the community board seats.  At that time,
we'll elect in 12 community board members.  The election committee
(Mike and Bill) will determine the logistics for nomination and voting
from our membership.  Ideally they will be supported by the membership
committee.  Status: Pending membership drive.

We agreed on the last board call to each consider these priorities as
board members and come back with any comments and volunteer for areas
of interest.

- Scott

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