[OpenID board] [legal] openid.sl (and slopenid.net reminder)

SignpostMarv Martin signpostmarv.martin at slopenid.net
Thu Aug 7 10:33:21 UTC 2008

I wonder if it'd be too much of a stretch to consider a virtual world 
having a local chapter....

There is http://svc.sl.net.marvulous.co.uk/group/OpenID after all :-P

~ Marv

Snorri wrote:
> Hi Marv.,
> "SL" like "Sierra Leone", a ccTLD of the smaller African country! :)
> Congratulation and thank you for your initiative.
> IMO, the OpenID.ccTLD is the best for the local chapter... 
> But I imagine that in this particular case it is different...
> The Global OpenID TM Policy should be available in the next weeks/months...
> -Snorri

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