[OpenID board] openid.sl (and slopenid.net reminder)

SignpostMarv Martin signpostmarv.martin at slopenid.net
Wed Aug 6 21:11:36 UTC 2008

After hearing about .sl registrations being opened up and to avoid the 
asshattery of some less scrupulous person registering the domain, I took 
it upon myself to register openid.sl

Which puts me in an interesting situation, taking into account that I 
also hold slopenid.net (a project which is currently ear marked for 
upgrade to a Zend Framework-based system).

So this email is a short poke about whether the OpenID Foundation would 
want openid.sl transferred to them (or if it would be fine to keep for 
my Second Life-specific OpenID server project), as well as a reminder 
that I'm still waiting on a response as to how slopenid.net is affected 
by the Foundation's trademark policy.

~ Marv.

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