[OpenID board] OpenID'09 Program Launch - You are all invited to participate!

Snorri snorri at snorri.eu
Sat Aug 2 23:03:18 UTC 2008

Dear OpenID Board, Members, and Community,

At long last,  <http://openid2009.org/> http://openid2009.org/ is open.

I have imagined this OpenID'09 Program as a response to the desire expressed
by the Members of the Board, to give a new, strong impulsion to our

This OpenID'09 Program has to be considered a strategic plan, to be put in
place in a period covering the next eighteen months.

However, bear in mind that I am only the "spark" of this OpenID'09 Program.

Please understand that none of what I have written there is written in
stone; you are all invited to actively participate! Only with the
participation of all of you, with your suggestions, your criticism, your
ideas, comments and support will it breathe life and become effective...

Before we can imagine the future... we have to have a very good idea of
where we want to go!

This OpenID'09 Program wants to be the response we are all waiting for!

I know that, for some of you, this time of year is fit for a well-deserved
vacation. Ideally, taking into account everyone's availability, we should be
able to work together the rest of the summer, so as to be able to end up
with a well-structured, precise and effective plan by September-a plan that
will satisfy the ambitions of the majority of the Community.

I am counting on everyone's participation. With my thanks and respect,



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