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Fri Aug 15 23:49:43 UTC 2008

corporation on Aug.ust 22, and will do the press release in mid<br>
September. By the time, we should be getting ready with those things<br>
including Local Logo and website (<a href="" target="_blank"></a>). Thus,<br>
1. Permission to create the local name and mark and use of them by this<br>
new organization, i.e.,<br>
a) The permission to use the name &quot;OpenID Foundation Japan&quot; for the<br>
corporation (secretariat)<br>
and &quot;OpenID Japan&quot; for the community (which is the main thing.) and its<br>
b) Logo, that I have sent a sample already, and its use.<br>
2. Permission for the member companies to use the logo defined in 1.b)<br>
3. Permission to use the domain name, in which &quot;openid&quot; is there:<br>
i.e., <a href="" target="_blank"></a> and <a href="" target="_blank"></a><br>
are essential for us to have very quickly.<br>
Followings are less urgent, if you do not care too much about these. If<br>
you do have them,<br>
please send it in:<br>
4. Regulation on actual orientation and geometry for the logo when we<br>
are adding the<br>
&quot;Japan&quot; and &quot;TM&quot; to the logo: (e.g., Size, font, color, layout, etc.)<br>
5. Other rules on the logo usage such as the distance between next logo,<br>
etc. (isolation)<br>
I have seen this week&#39;s board meeting agenda, but did not find the item<br>
about logo and trademark usage etc.<br>
It would be great if you could discuss at least item 1 to 3 above in the<br>
board meeting and get back to us.<br>
You might feel that it is too formal, but I believe this is the way we<br>
should follow.<br>
My team is eagerly awaiting your feedback.<br>
<font color="#888888"><br>
Nat Sakimura<br>
</font><div><div></div><div class="Wj3C7c"><br>
Bill Washburn wrote:<br>
&gt; Hi Nat,<br>
&gt; Thanks. You know this is very timely. We all need to sort this OpenID<br>
&gt; trademark territory out so that we can all move things along<br>
&gt; expeditiously as autumn approaches.<br>
&gt; I&#39;m adding Raj and J. Scott to this thread.<br>
&gt; cheers,<br>
&gt; -bill<br>
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&gt; Sent: Friday, August 8, 2008 2:21:41 AM<br>
&gt; Subject: Activity Report and TM usage request<br>
&gt; Dear Bill and Snorri,<br>
&gt; Attached please find the Japan&#39;s activity report and Trademark usage<br>
&gt; request.<br>
&gt; Since &quot;OpenID&quot; Trademark in Japan is held by OpenID Europe, I am writing<br>
&gt; to both of you.<br>
&gt; I would appreciate your cooperation.<br>
&gt; Regards,<br>
&gt; --<br>
&gt; Nat Sakimura (=nat)<br>
&gt; Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.<br>
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