[OpenID board] Establishing the specifications council

Nat Sakimura n-sakimura at nri.co.jp
Thu Apr 24 03:32:27 UTC 2008


Mike Jones wrote:
> Section 2 of our IPR process document <http://openid.net/ipr/> says:
> *2  Specifications Council.*  The initial Specifications Council, as 
> of the date these Processes are adopted, will be comprised of two 
> persons selected by the Board and five persons selected by the 
> then-current OpenID Authentication 2.0 Specification Editors.  The 
> members of the Specifications Council will serve for two year terms 
> (although one of the initial members selected by the Board and two of 
> the initial members selected by the Editors of the OpenID 
> Authentication 2.0 Specification will serve for only a one year term – 
> as selected by consensus of the Specifications Council – so that 
> Specifications Council membership terms may be staggered).  There are 
> no “term limits” for Specifications Council membership, and the Board 
> or Eligible Editors, as applicable, may re-select the same persons to 
> serve for more than one term (consecutive or otherwise).**
> I plan to start the PAPE working group shortly, at which point we'll 
> need a specifications council to fulfill its mission in section 4.2:
> *4.2 Review.*  The Specifications Council will review each proposal 
> within 15 days after receipt and promptly provide notice to 
> specs at openid.net <mailto:specs at openid.net> of its recommendation to 
> either accept or reject it, together with a brief statement of the 
> rationale for its recommendation (including any findings or opinions 
> by the Specifications Council regarding the criteria for rejection in 
> the following clauses (a)-(d).  The decision to accept or reject the 
> proposal will then promptly be submitted to a vote of the OIDF 
> membership, in accordance with the voting procedures in §3.
> Therefore, I propose that we add to the agenda for the upcoming board 
> call choosing the two board-selected specifications council members 
> and identifying the "then-current OpenID Authentication 2.0 
> Specification Editors" for the purpose of informing them that they 
> will be soon be called upon to act in their capacity as Specifications 
> Council members.
>                                                 Thanks,
>                                                 -- Mike

Nat Sakimura (=nat)
Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. 
XDI.ORG Vice Chair

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