[OpenID board] The new OIDF Local Chapters Policy

Martin Atkins mart at degeneration.co.uk
Wed Apr 23 20:06:40 UTC 2008

Drummond Reed wrote:
> While I think I understand the intent here, it is somewhat confusing for 
> a Chapter to become a Member of OIDF. Does that mean as a member of 
> OIDF, it has the same voting rights as any other member of OIDF? How are 
> the dues determined, or are there dues for Chapters? Is this entirely 
> separate from whether any of the members of the Chapter are also members 
> of OIDF? The overall principal is okay, but answers to those questions 
> should be spelled our clearly in this paragraph.

We touched on this briefly in the last board meeting.

There seemed to be agreement (though, to be clear, it was not put to a 
vote) that when it comes to joining the foundation a Local Chapter is 
just like any other corporate member, and can take part in work groups, etc.

The most important implication of this -- which again, no-one raised 
objections to in the meeting -- is that if desired a local chapter could 
in theory act as a "proxy" for its members, thus allowing them to 
contribute without actually joining OIDF themselves. We should consider 
carefully what effects this will have on the IPR policy; presumably any 
issues that arise from this -- if indeed there are any at all -- could 
also equally arise from any company acting as a "proxy" for anyone else.


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