[OpenID board] The new OIDF Local Chapters Policy

Snorri snorri at snorri.eu
Wed Apr 23 12:14:12 UTC 2008

Of course Mike!


« .DOCX » attached ! ;-)


or Google Docs?


Cheers from Munich (Germany)




De : Mike Jones [mailto:Michael.Jones at microsoft.com] 
Envoyé : mercredi 23 avril 2008 02:24
À : Snorri; 'Bill Washburn'; 'Nat Sakimura'
Cc : board at openid.net; 'Scott Kveton'; david at sixapart.com; 'Johannes Ernst';
'Drummond Reed'; 'Dick Hardt'
Objet : RE: The new OIDF Local Chapters Policy


Thanks for this significant effort, Snorri.  Can you do us a favor and send
an editable source document so I can produce a derivative version showing
changes, including, for instance, many of Drummond’s suggestions?



                                                                -- Mike


From: Snorri [mailto:snorri at snorri.eu] 
Sent: Tuesday, April 22, 2008 4:17 PM
To: Mike Jones; 'Bill Washburn'; 'Nat Sakimura'
Cc: board at openid.net; 'Scott Kveton'; david at sixapart.com; 'Johannes Ernst';
'Drummond Reed'; 'Dick Hardt'
Subject: The new OIDF Local Chapters Policy
Importance: High


Dear Mike—Members of the OIDF Board:


Please find attached (PDF) our proposal for the new “OIDF Local Chapters
Policy,” to which I have devoted much time over the last few days. I am very
thankful to Nat Sakimura, who has fully participated to this proposal, as
well as for his valuable observations.


I do hope you will appreciate that this result does not just come from a
merely European, or Japanese, point of view; rather. It is the fruit of a
consultation at the global level, taking into account all the specificities
we are well aware of in a world that is sharing OIDF’s interests. The goal
is to make the policies as beneficial to all parties involved as possible,
and, above all, to OpenID, respecting and honoring each participant’s needs
and expectations.


I add that another, longer version (a contract) is also available upon
request. However, for the sake of being efficient and with expediency in
mind, I prefer submitting this short version, which is relatively close to
the one currently present at http://openid.net/foundation/chapters/.


I would be grateful if you were to read this proposal for the OIDF Local
Chapters policy during your next board meeting (next agenda?), so as to have
it submitted for possible approval; we are looking forward to responding to
any remarks the board Members may have.


I am confirming to you that, were this present version in full force and
effect, we would immediately be able to have it accepted by the Chapters in
Europe. This would be an excellent introduction for the rest of the world to


We hope you will enjoy reading this Chapters Policy.

Best regards,




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