[OpenID board] The BoF at RSA

Bill Washburn bill at oidf.org
Fri Apr 11 16:39:18 UTC 2008

Hi everyone,

The BoF at RSA was well attended with Board members, new members, applicant
members, interested prospective members, and observers all present.  Board
directors present included: Scott, Johannes, Drummond, Mike and Tony.
Others attending included Jeff Broberg, Dale Olds, George Fletcher, Roger
Sullivan and Brett McDowell from Liberty, Pam Dingle, Charles Anders, Ashish
Jain, Andy Dale and John Burton from ooTao, David Clark from Youtility,
representatives from member applicant companies in Europe and Japan, Canada,
Australia, and around the U.S.

The major part of the nearly 2 hour gathering was devoted to identifying and
discussion of various "hot topics" and what might be done.

That list of topics included: (BTW, this list was not generated people
critical to OpenID.  It was a generous discussion amongst members and
prospective members of OpenID and the community who want to help us.  For
the most part, those who might be thought of as natural critics of OpenID
were listeners/observers and not overtly antagonistic at all.

* Dearth of Relying Parties

* No help or helpfulness or guide to help

* Lack of documentation

* Little or no way to deal with "getting started"

* Myriad interoperability problems or what I took to be the NxN factorial
problem that plagues prospective implementers

* The whole area of Guide documents, Best Practices, Features

* The presence of "so many *shoulds* rather than *musts* in the 2.0 specs
(George Fletcher was eloquent on this point I felt)

* The point of confusion when something doesn't work and it's unclear
whether to contact the OP or the RP or???

* Security holes in the specs...

* The "buttons" and other interfaces topic

* No way to do an auto testing

* Marketing...  Nico Popp was particularly strong and emphatic about this
area as our prime challenge.  He implored us to take this on as the next
clear issue and get a specific project identified that we could then call on
our board members with professional marketers to help us address

* The need for a "user community" discussion list or forum where people can
help each other.

* Completion of the Local Chapters policy

* Having basic introductory information on the website such as a "What is
OpenID?" button that would pass the "mom test" where someone's parents could
read a sentence or two and understand what OpenID is, does, enables...

In addition there was considerable discussion about many of these and
related topics with returning reference to bottom line, ROI, cost savings,
and business model suggestions.

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