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Gabe Wachob gabe.wachob at amsoft.net
Sun Sep 30 01:05:39 UTC 2007

I've been talking with SignpostMarv in second life, and I think it's
important to give folks like him, who are actively supporting OpenID, some
guidance *now* rather than in a month or two, especially since he's politely
asked twice for guidance. 

If a policy has not been determined, could I recommend that the board (or
whoever is managing the TM) make a specific determination on this specific
use for a specific period of time so at least Marv can be assured that he's
not going to get in trouble, and *more importantly* so the trademark itself
can be protected. Trademark rights, as you already know, can be lost if they
are not protected - not responding to a request to use the trademark could
potentially be construed as failure to defend the TM... 


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