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Bill Washburn billhwashburn at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 30 05:36:55 UTC 2007

This is my fault.  I tried to be very exact and explicit that I was attempting to get an alternative time that everyone could accommodate.  I believe I was clear in saying that the standing meeting would still be operative...

Here's what I wrote last week:
>I checked with Scott and if there is a time prior to Thursday that can
work for everyone, then we can proceed with the call early.  
it will still happen as currently scheduled.

It came close to working for everyone on Wednesday, but did not happen.

I am sorry for this difficulty.  I have postponed my personal plans and will be on the call on Thursday.


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I thought we had moved the meeting to Wednesday. I am now booked noon  
on Thursday.

On 29-Oct-07, at 6:07 PM, Scott Kveton wrote:

> Hi Everybody,
> Instead of trying to move heaven & earth to buy an extra day, why
> don't we just do the call on Thursday as originally discussed.  Bill
> is going to try to make arrangements to be on the call so that means
> we all should be in attendance.
> * General business (approve minutes, etc)
> * IPR update - David, Bill
> * Membership application/status - Bill
> * Incorporation status - Bill, Scott
> * Other agenda additions
> Let me know if there is anything else,
> - Scott
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