[OpenID board] Feedback on latest drafts of OpenID IPR Policy and Process

Scott Kveton scott at kveton.com
Wed Nov 28 15:19:39 UTC 2007

>  I agree with Drummond's comments. I have not had time to review the
> documents, and likely won't until late this week.
> A suggestion I have around major decisions would be to put them out for
> referendum to members of the OIDF. We can use OpenIDs to identity people and
> easily to electronic voting. This puts the power clearly in the hands of the
> community instead of in the hands of the board or spec council. Changes to
> the policy and final approval of specifications and potential approval of
> WGs could be done this way. The spec council and board could take a position
> and make recommendation, but putting the major decisions in the hands of the
> community clearly empowers them and keeps the board and council from
> becoming an old boys network and leaving the membership feeling out of the
> loop.

I think this is a fantastic idea in the long-term but doesn't fit well
with the goals we've set out as a board to try and adopt the IPR (or
get as close as possible) by IIW.

Are we saying then we won't be able to complete this process then?

- Scott

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