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Dick Hardt dick at sxip.com
Fri Nov 16 22:59:40 UTC 2007

Why is the TM tied to the IPR policy?  Besides being IP, I don't see  
any connection between the TM policy and the IPR.

-- Dick

On 16-Nov-07, at 2:09 PM, Johannes Ernst wrote:

> The OpenID Foundation has a trademark committee, which is currently
> waiting for the IPR policy work to be completed. Once that policy is
> in place, we are planning to connect an updated trademark policy to
> it. (Disclaimer: I'm heading that committee)
> Having said that, the question you are asking can certainly be
> explored in parallel. Can you make some suggestions for what you think
> would be acceptable "changes" and what wouldn't?
> On Nov 16, 2007, at 12:36, Sam Alexander wrote:
>> What is the consensus on making changes to the OpenID Logo for a
>> specific use?
>> The grey/orange logo doesn't work well with all palettes when making
>> diagrams, designs, etc.  It seems that right now people are taking
>> liberties with certain aspects of the logo and leaving others alone.
>> For instance, JanRain used the logo to bring sexyback @ https://
>> pibb.com/signin.  I've seen other changes of color in the wild (not
>> really any changes of structure, though).  As a designer, that kind
>> of flexibility is extremely helpful.
>> This has been brought up before, the latest seeming to be Chris
>> Messina's post in January ( http://openid.net/pipermail/general/2007-
>> January/001421.html ).  Chris has also done some write-ups on concept
>> of Community marks vs traditional Trademarks ( http://factoryjoe.com/
>> blog/2006/01/14/the-case-for-community-marks/ ).
>> My question is this: Do we want more lenient usage and visual guide
>> lines to aid developers or would we rather have stricter use rules
>> for total consistency?
>> The best two examples I could (quickly) find for this debate are both
>> from Mozilla.
>> For the Feed Icon:
>> ( http://www.mozilla.org/foundation/feed-icon-guidelines/ )
>>  - Relaxed rules (alot of "SHOULD" and "MAY")
>>  - Enforcement left up to the community
>>  - Allows designers to use discretion (even poor discretion, ie we
>> may end up with alot of
>>    'ugly' blinking marque logo's out there)
>> For the Firefox Icon:
>> ( http://www.mozilla.org/foundation/identity-guidelines/ 
>> firefox.html )
>>  - Rules are much stricter (mostly MUST's)
>>  - Correct font, dimension and color treatments are required
>>  - Trademark must be included
>>  - Insures consistent look and feel for "Firefox" wherever it is
>> seen (fewer 'ugly' cases)
>> Which would the community prefer?
>> - Sam
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