[OpenID board] Webware 100 Press Release

Dick Hardt dick at sxip.com
Wed May 30 16:19:13 UTC 2007

In todays age of blogging I don't see any value in a press release,  
and in fact I think it would send the wrong message to the OpenID  
community for people to see we had used funds and expended effort  
issuing a release on something that is not all that significant.

Sxipper is in the Webware 100 and I would not dream of issuing a  
release for that, nor if we won.

I do think a blogging campaign is a good idea to rally votes!

David: you were going to get the marketing comittee organized so that  
activities like this could happen with the marketing group instead of  
being at the board level. How is that going?

-- Dick

On 30-May-07, at 7:48 AM, Bill Washburn wrote:

> Just out of curiosity, how far-fetched is it to dream of a blogging  
> campaign that actually might lead to enough votes to winning the  
> award?.... as a dark horse?  Just a thought, because obviously if  
> that were the way it happened a lot of attention could be garnered.
> -bill
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> > It's a good idea, David. The only question is cost. If a sponsor/ 
> donor is
> > willing to pick up the cost of the release (typically $500-$1K  
> for domestic;
> > double that for international), I'm for it. Otherwise I'd put it  
> up on the
> > OpenID.net site and do the blogging campaign.
> JanRain just uses prweb for their releases ... I think its $399 per
> release.  However, I'm of the thought that a blogging campaign would
> be a bit better ... :-)
> - Scott
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