[OpenID board] Proposal for participation in European events

Marc Van Coillie marc.van.coillie at eife-l.org
Fri May 4 09:09:52 UTC 2007

Dear all members of OpenID boards,
I've just send also a mail to the European OpenID Organisation (EOO).

I would like to know if people from OpenID would like to be interested to 
participate in the seminar we are organizing in June in Paris about CV 
This event is already sponsored by EIfEL, HR-XML and Liberty Alliance 

The aim is to focus on main interoperability issues for HR systems in their 
relation with others systems as well as with individuals (B2B, B2C, C2B, 
After the IOS meeting we are starting in EIfEL to have a better 
understanding of how to use your specs as well as LA specs for these 
different perspectives.
We have also started a wiki on the Concordia program to discuss HR issues on 
privacy, identity and services federation.

Don't hesitate to contact me directly or using this mailing list for more 

We are also waiting for a response of the European Commission to organize a 
privacy conference during the Human and Social Capital Technology Summit we 
are organizing in October in Maastricht (http://events.eife-l.org/ep2007/). 
I'll keep you in touch about this next event soon, but I guess that the 
different challenges covered by the call for contributions could already 
interest your organisation and your members 

Best regards,
Marc Van Coillie
EIfEL - European Institute for E-Learning
Web: http://www.eife-l.org/; http://www.europortfolio.org/; 
Member: HR-XML European Chapter, IEEE LTSC
Leader of the HR-XML Europass CV WG
CV Interoperability seminar, Paris 18-19 June 2007: 
Human and Social Capital Technology Summit, ePortfolio 2007, Maastricht 
17-19 October 2007: http://events.eife-l.org/ep2007/

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