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European OpenID Organization openid at openideurope.eu
Thu Mar 22 18:40:24 UTC 2007

Dear Board Members,


It is with a great pleasure and honor that we are writing to you, and we
hope this email will finds you well.


We are contacting you because we are currently working on the launch of the
EOO (European OpenID Organization), a not-for-profit organization, to
promote and provide the OpenID standard in Europe.


We do think that an European service is essential for the global development
and the success of OpenID, and to help the community to benefit the service
entirely, as a whole part of the worldwide project. In this matter, and
because we believe that every great story is build on a strong relationship
and good communication, we would like to discuss with you.


We will be part of the first European Identity Conference of Munich in
Germany, we believe and hope that David, Dick and Johannes will be present
as well, and this might be a good opportunity to get together?


We will be very interested to know the actual status and projected evolution
of the OpenID and your vision about the OpenID within the next few years. 


I am looking forward to your email,




Snorri Giorgetti


EOO - European OpenID Organization Aisbl

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