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Drummond Reed drummond.reed at cordance.net
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Dick, if I read this right (and I may not be), the board would consist
entirely of directors from founding sponsors unless there are less than

That would be a completely sponsor board with no community representation.

I thought what was discussed last week (but I may not have understood
correctly either) was one community-elected board member for each sponsor
board member, i.e., a 50-50 split.


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After the last call I was asked to put together a proposal outlining  
how the Foundation could be organized based on the previous  
discussion email I sent out. Here is the outline. Look forward to  
discussing on the call tomorrow.

-- Dick

Funding Model
Initial funding: large sponsorship fees from organizations
ongoing revenue: attendance fees at conferences
fees to be set by board

Organizations can be:
	founding sponsor: recognition of supporting OpenID
	founding board sponsor: same as founding sponsor plus seat on boar
Board Composition
Minimum seven members
One membership elected director for each founding board sponsor  
director unless there are less then seven board members, then vacant  
spots are made up of membership elected directors

Membership in the foundation is made up of who paid to attend the  
OpenID conference. Individuals can attend the conference virtually.  
There will be two conferences a year.

Elections happen at each conference for open board positions. Goal is  
to stagger terms for continuity.

Term of Director membership
one year / two year???

Working Groups
The work of the Foundation will be done in working groups, with  
approval to be done at the board level. The board may delegate  
decisions to the working groups. The working groups may have members  
that are not part of the board.

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