[OpenID board] Trademark board meeting issue

Recordon, David drecordon at verisign.com
Tue Mar 6 21:55:56 UTC 2007

I think this is a great thing to discuss and something outlined in the
charter.  In any case, I don't think we as the board can make a decision
here.  The charter outlines this item as working with the wider
community to come to consensus which it seems like we're being spurred
to do.

I guess I'd encourage the person that contacted you to email
general at openid.net to start a discussion within the community.  If the
general list wants to allow it then I think we as a board should make
sure it can be allowed legally and make it happen.  Vice-versa, if we
all love the idea and the general lists hates it then we shouldn't
approve it.


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I'm asking to put this item on the agenda of the next board call, e.g.
call it "Permissible uses of the OpenID mark".

I've been asked whether a particular proposed use of the term OpenID and
the OpenID logo is permissible ... because my company is currently the
owner of the OpenID trademark registration.

The proposed use in this case goes a bit beyond current practice.

As our intention at NetMesh is to assign the trademark registration to
the foundation as soon as it is properly set up and when the other IP is
being assigned by everybody, I would want to avoid to unilaterally
decide whether or not a proposed use of the mark in a different fashion
is acceptable or not.

So I'd like to discuss what the foundation's policy will likely be on
this issue, so I can get back to the individual asking me on this.

Johannes Ernst
NetMesh Inc.

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