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I can definitely take that on. 

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Given we have the beginnings of a P&P manual already     http://openid.net/board/p-and-p/

Would anybody who knows the issues better than me like to volunteer to add suitable language to it? 

On Jun 14, 2007, at 6:39, Bill Washburn wrote:

Here are the policies and procedures items that I understand to have been identified:

*  Requirements for email approval of Board motions and actions

*  Rules for holding/conducting a meeting via email

*  Minutes - format, procedure for recording and submitting, approval process

*  Rules stipulating how, at the time a company joins the Foundation, a voting representative for the company shall be named.  For example, each new organizational membership provide the name and contact information for the person servinging as the "voting member when it registers as a member.

*  Range of actions permitted to Executive Director  - DavidConnell suggests - something along the lines of - OIDF not get into trying to make a list of do's or don'ts because it is impossible to think of everything, it is the opposite of having a the functioning relationship approach, and it is usually thought of as counter productive...

*  Doubtless there are some that I have lost track of.


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