[OpenID board] OIDF objectives for 2007

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+1 to adding to agenda for this week's call.


My only early feedback is that we need to find a way to reduce this to a
small set of bullet points, i.e., the "executive summary" needs to just a
bullet point list. Then Bill's larger document adds the "color" necessary
for newcomers.


A first pass summary of the proposed objectives in Bill's document in bullet
point form:




* Establish solid financial basis by recruiting first six major members

* Facilitate completion of 1.0 IPR framework.

* Facilitate completion of OpenID Authentication 2.0 spec.

* Facilitate adoption/evangelism among large user communities, e.g..
LiveJournal and AOL.

* Firmly establish brand/positioning of OpenID in the market.

* Establish clear liaisons with all other related Internet identity efforts:
Liberty Alliance, SAML, CardSpace, ITU, etc.





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This is a great start that will allow us to have the kinds of discussions we
should properly have on the board, getting out of the nitty-gritty into
"what are we trying to accomplish here and what not and why" And a bit of
"how", but only a bit, because we should leave that part to Bill ;-) and the
various committees and working groups.


Thanks, Bill. Can the person in charge of calling the next meeting and the
agenda (Scott?) reserve some time on the agenda to discuss this?




On Jun 4, 2007, at 9:04, Bill Washburn wrote:

Since Johannes asked, here is a very preliminary, verbose,and no
doubtincomplete attempt to articulate strategic (albeit short term)
objectives for OIDF.



<2007 Objectives for OpenID Foundation.doc>


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board at openid.net



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