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Bill Washburn billhwashburn at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 31 02:26:53 UTC 2007

I really want to see us have the formal membership in OIDF get underway in August.  Specifically:

A.  Membership Agreement - the OpenID membership agreement doc needs to be in shape soon.  That is important.....

B.  Membership Categories and Dues - we need agreement on the number of categories, the dividing lines between categories, and the membership dues for each category.  Also, there is the closely related matter of the dues for individuals.  I've been pretty enamored of the $100 "price point" for individuals as a compelling/attractive amount since I saw it mentioned a few weeks ago.  

C.  First Corporate Memberships -once A and B are set, then next I would like to coordinate with you individually about the way(s) in which to approach the initial, "already committed to OIDF membership" companies as well as those other companies who you individually feel do not have any insurmountable hesitations around the yet to be finished IPR policy per se.  I'm thinking specifically of companies such as: AmSoft, Cordance, Digg, JanRain, LiveJournal, NetMesh, Parity, PingID, Plaxo, Sxip, Verisign, Vidoop and ...???  After the IPR policy is sorted through, then the same process will come into play around the larger publicly held companies.

D.  First Individual Membership - also, for individual memberships, naturally we want to have lots of community membership.  At a minimum, I assume this includes private individuals, active bloggers, sole proprietorships, software developers, single person website operators, and consultants.  I have to assume it would be good to have a capability for allowing individuals to pay membership dues via paypal and other paypal-like services.  Comments on this would be valuable.

BTW, I have already heard the question of whether we count and encourage "in-kind contributions" from members.  This is something that Apache is heavily involved with, I understand.  So..., assign this to a committee?


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Hi Everybody,

OSCON was a big success and OpenID again had a big showing ...
congrats to David for winning his award and to everybody else that
blogged about the bounty program ... we got the word out and I think
we executed well on our goals for July.

With that in mind, I'd like to try and set some goals for the month of
August defined and set a course of action ... yes, there are broader
things we need to focused on as well but in the mean time I think
there is quite a bit of near-term work we can be doing.  To that end,
I'd like to propose the following agenda:

* General business (approve minutes, etc)
* IPR update - David
* Marketing update - Dick
* International trademark work - Johannes
* What do we want to accomplish this month?

Let me know if there is anything else,

- Scott
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