[OpenID board] Addition to Board Policies and Procedures Manual

Bill Washburn billhwashburn at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 11 06:46:10 UTC 2007

The attachment includes a description of the standard procedure for the cycle of the distribution of minutes, distribution of the upcoming meeting agenda and a proposed template to use in agenda setting.  


......................... new bit for Policy Manual......................

                1.  Meetings minutes and agenda distribution cycle

Minutes of previous meeting written up and distributed electronically
(optimally no later than 48 hours after the regular board call;
b)    Board members reply with any corrections / additions ASAP (before the next board meeting);
c)   Board Chair sends out agenda for next Board Call at least 24 hours in advance of scheduled meeting;
If Chair cannot lead the Board Call, the E.D. is notified so that
alternative arrangements are made in advance.  E.D. will send out
meeting agenda and lead call as the default remedy when the Chair is
e)   Agenda and Minutes are in the following standard order:
    1.  Call meeting to order and approve minutes
    2.  Ensure minutes are being kept by secretary or a volunteer
    3.  Standing reports are made by E.D. and Board members covering:
        * Financial transactions 
        * New membership, sponsors, and donors
        * Conferences, events, speeches given, press coverage of note, if any
        * Upcoming events
    4.  Standing Committee reports, as required
        * Marketing
        * IPR
        * Technical liaison with the community
    5.    Old Business requiring action from previous Board meetings
    6.    New Business and then adjourn
f)    repeat cycle - sent out minutes...

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