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Depending on the time available to you Scott, it wouldn't be a bad thing to show (on the adoption slide) or mention the recent awards OpenID has received, yes?

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All sounds reasonable to me.  You'll also want to have some "what is
OpenID and why does it matter?" content as there is not an OpenID
general session this year.  Rather Simon and I are giving a tutorial
Tuesday morning and then discussing it in the Exec Briefing in the


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Hi Everyone,

OSCON is just weeks away and one of the goals of the bounty program was
to announce some winners there.  Today we have two candidates as
"winners" ... Plone and Drupal.  I'd like to announce these as winners
during the week of OSCON if the bounty participants agree.

I've brought this discussion here as I was under the impression that the
OpenID Foundation will be administering the prizes for the bounty
program.  Ideally, I'd like to collect the bounty money from the
specific participants over the next two weeks so we can write out the
two $5000 checks at OSCON.

Is this in-line with what folks were thinking?  Is there any
coordination that should be happening with the marketing group to get
the most "bang for our buck"?

In addition to getting the word out about OpenID and its continued
success at OSCON, I'd also like to get a list of talking points that we
as board members, speakers and conference goers can be sharing with
everyone we meet.  More specifically:

* The OpenID Foundation is formed and taking members, contact Bill W.
for more info.
* The bounty program is a success with two bounties: Drupal and Plone
* Latest adoption numbers: I'll ask the JanRain folks for these numbers
* Anything else?

If this should be on the marketing list, by all means, let me know and
I'll move it there ... :-)

- Scott
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