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Johannes Ernst jernst at netmesh.us
Mon Jul 9 20:10:41 UTC 2007

So your assessment is that it is two projects that qualified during  
the past year, but nobody else?

On Jul 9, 2007, at 12:42, Scott Kveton wrote:

> Hi Everyone,
> OSCON is just weeks away and one of the goals of the bounty program
> was to announce some winners there.  Today we have two candidates as
> "winners" ... Plone and Drupal.  I'd like to announce these as winners
> during the week of OSCON if the bounty participants agree.
> I've brought this discussion here as I was under the impression that
> the OpenID Foundation will be administering the prizes for the bounty
> program.  Ideally, I'd like to collect the bounty money from the
> specific participants over the next two weeks so we can write out the
> two $5000 checks at OSCON.
> Is this in-line with what folks were thinking?  Is there any
> coordination that should be happening with the marketing group to get
> the most "bang for our buck"?
> In addition to getting the word out about OpenID and its continued
> success at OSCON, I'd also like to get a list of talking points that
> we as board members, speakers and conference goers can be sharing with
> everyone we meet.  More specifically:
> * The OpenID Foundation is formed and taking members, contact Bill W.
> for more info.
> * The bounty program is a success with two bounties: Drupal and Plone
> * Latest adoption numbers: I'll ask the JanRain folks for these  
> numbers
> * Anything else?
> If this should be on the marketing list, by all means, let me know and
> I'll move it there ... :-)
> - Scott
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