[OpenID board] Board Call schedule change - July 3rd at noon Pacific Time

Artur Bergman sky at crucially.net
Tue Jul 3 00:08:05 UTC 2007

I have a prior appointment on Tuesday so I cannot attend.


On Jun 21, 2007, at 12:37 PM, Bill Washburn wrote:

> Here's the logic of changing the schedule for the next meeting of  
> the OIDF Board:
> 1. Because  the Board call scheduled for next Thursday, June 28th  
> at noon (Pacific time) conflicts with Catalyst, and..
> 2. the following Thursday (July 5th) is part of the Fourth of July  
> holiday long weekend,
> 3. the board decided today to reschedule the next conference call  
> for July 3rd at noon pacific time.
> cheers,
> -bill
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