[OpenID board] OpenID Bylaws -> Operational and membership model ...

Dick Hardt dick at sxip.com
Thu Feb 22 20:02:33 UTC 2007

I had hoped to get this email out sooner and for it to be more  
complete, hopefully late is better then never!

	hold IP
	protect IP
	coordinate marketing

Q: How much effort is needed for marketing?
Q: Is there a long term need for marketing?
Q: What will OIDF do if someone abuses the trademark? Will it file an  
injunction? How will it fund the legal activities?

(short term and long term)
Q: Are there some activities that are one off and some that are on- 
going? Does a capitalization and maintenance funding model make  
sense? Would an initial large fund raising activity followed by some  
activity that provides a maintenance income stream work?
Q: Does a conference work for ongoing income stream? Funded by  
attendees and sponsors ala Apache and IETF funding?

a) Individuals
b) Vendors
c) Individuals and Vendors
d) none

Vendor membership determined by paying fees

Individual membership options:

1) anyone that shows up to meetings / conference (allow IRC  
attendance ?)
2) anyone that pays a membership fee
3) meritocracy - people prove they are worthy and other members vote  
them to be members

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