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One other piece of business that can be dealt with separate from the call.  The IRS Form 1023 is finally at the point of completion.  One thing I had not previously understood to be required for each of the directors is a brief form of the resume (I think this is known as a CV - Curriculum Vitae) in the U.K.  which is tantamount to a statement of the qualifications of each Board member.  

If you individually could please send me something you feel is a solid, succinct reflection of your background, that will facilitate getting this form finally out the door.


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Hi Everybody,

Thursday will be our last board meeting for 2007 and we're hoping to
accomplish quite a bit.  The agenda is as follows:

* General business (minutes, finance update, etc)
* Vote on final IPR policy
* Committee reports - Finance, trademark and
* Vote on conflict of interest and anti-trust policies

Its Monday and I want to ask folks how we're doing on the IPR ... does
anyone think we won't be in a position to vote on the IPR policy this
Thursday?  If so, speak up and let's get things finished up.

Call in information:

1-309-946-5000 (Midwest)

Participant Access Code:


- Scott
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