[OpenID board] next meeting

Dick Hardt dick at sxip.com
Wed Dec 12 01:29:29 UTC 2007

I'm good for both Thursdays for a call.

The noon time is not the most convenient time (I like to eat lunch)

Would people be ok with moving the calls to 11AM PST? A little  
earlier for Martin and let's us west coast people eat lunch.

(we don't need to move the time right away, but if people are ok with  
it, then sooner is better!)

-- Dick

On 11-Dec-07, at 4:35 PM, Scott Kveton wrote:

>> We should be able to get that done and approved by the end of the
>> year I hope!
> +1.
>> I'm good for a meeting this week and next week. Next week hopefully
>> we would have the IPR ready to approve, given current status unlikely
>> we will have it for this Thursday. Unless there is other pressing
>> business, perhaps we should postpone meeting this week to next week?
>> Scott: are you thinking the first meeting in the New Year would be
>> January 3rd? I think we should look at some planning for what we want
>> to happen in Q1 for the year so that we have some objectives to
>> complete and Bill has clear direction. A budget would fall out of  
>> that.
> In light of pending IPR finalization and the need to scope out goals
> for Q1, I think it makes sense to do a call on 12/13 and 12/20.  We
> can get a good feel for Q1 goals during this weeks call and then
> formalize (and approve?) them during the 12/20 meeting along
> (hopefully) with the IPR.
> - Scott
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