[OpenID board] next meeting

Scott Kveton scott at kveton.com
Mon Dec 10 20:49:05 UTC 2007

> When are we going to have the next board meeting? Also, what's the
> schedule over the holidays?

I don't remember what the decision was with the possible 12/13 board
meeting but I believe we're on track for that.

As far as the holidays go, I would think we could do another meeting
next week and then adjourn for the remainder of the year picking back
up the first week of January.

We've done some good work so far but we're far from done and the
possible upcoming announcements need to be prepared for (specifically
around corporate board seats, etc).  For this weeks meeting, I would
propose the following agenda:

* General meeting business (financials, approve minutes, agenda additions)
* IPR update - David/Bill
* Finance update - Dick/Scott
* Committee formation - Is there more committee work that needs to be
initiated? Marketing?  Legal?  Trademark? - Scott

Any other additions?

- Scott

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