[OpenID board] IPR Policy and Process Proposal

Bill Washburn billhwashburn at yahoo.com
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I know Gabe and Drummond have commented on your "is there any way to simplify?" question.  Here is one additional thought.  

First: At this phase of the effort I believe it is abundantly clear from past experience, that we all have to rely on our legal policy makers to craft something that is a broadly satisfactory as a draft document and that it will be more or less as simple and lightweight as everyone involved can agree to while still addressing / covering / accomplishing the necessary rules and provisions for the broad array issues that the policies must comprehend in behalf of the stakeholder and prospective stakeholders of the community.  If we can get a  working draft and some substantive reaction from those versed in the legal considerations, subtleties, nuances of this sort of draft policy document by IIW, I think we will be minimally where we need to be regarding IPR clarity and direction.

Second: Once that draft has been crafted, shared with a set of interested parties as well as independent "friends of the OpenID community", and further refined by the OIDF attorneys, then I believe that is the stage in the process when it would make a lot of sense to prepare an "executive summary" style document that could be perused by everyone for substantive review and commenting.

Do you see what I'm getting at?  I feel you are asking a very reasonable question about how to proceed with crafting and distributing a "plain English version" of the IPR policy when everything is more of less complete.  However, this second step probably should not, probably cannot happen until after IIW given how little time there is to do this task.  

This is how I'm thinking about it anyway.


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This is quite complex. Is there a way to simplify and shorten substantially?

[I just read both policy proposal and process proposal, and in spite of having read previous drafts and having an interest in the subject, I suspect I'd have to spend several more hours to actually understand what all of this means. The problem is not that I need to take the time, but that such a time requirement will act as a rather effective barrier for new people to get involved in OpenID or feeling comfortable about what they are getting themselves into, something I'd like to avoid if can ...]

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