[OpenID board] Getting on track for IIW ...

Scott Kveton scott at janrain.com
Fri Apr 20 20:55:14 UTC 2007

Hi Everybody,

We have IIW just around the corner and I think we'd all agree that it would
be nice to announce a few things there.  For me, I'd like to be able to
announce the creation of the Foundation and a plan/solution for the IPR.
Are there others that are important for IIW?

All of us are busy with our respective businesses and as such we're not able
to move these forward as quickly as we would like.  IIW is just 4 weeks

I'd like to propose that we appoint Bill Washburn as the Executive Director
of the to-be-formed OpenID Foundation and give him the means with which to
execute on the aforementioned pieces.  The goal would be to have one person
whose job it is to make sure we get everything done (most of which will be
done by delegation) for IIW.  Doing this would also help Bill in getting it
done as he'll have the weight of the board behind his decisions.


- Scott

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