[OpenID board] [RFC] Funding Model Note

Scott Kveton scott at janrain.com
Sun Apr 15 23:58:02 UTC 2007

Are we going to send this off to general@ ?

- Scott

On 4/15/07 3:50 PM, "Recordon, David" <drecordon at verisign.com> wrote:

> Hey all,
> One of the initial tasks the OpenID Foundation board has taken on is
> coming up with a sustainability (aka how do we get money) model for the
> organization.  We've tried hard to balance the need for money to help
> more widely promote and evangelize OpenID, while not becoming evil or
> allowing influence or control to be bought.  One nice protection is that
> the Foundation (per the charter sent out previously) does not control
> the specifications.
> You can find the proposed draft of the funding model (to be worked into
> the organization's bylaws) on the wiki at
> http://openid.net/wiki/index.php/OpenID_Foundation/sustainability.
> Please do not use the talk page on the wiki, but rather reply to this
> thread with comments and suggestions.  This is one of the final
> remaining steps needed to actually get the legal organization fully spun
> up.
> Thanks,
> The OpenID Foundation Board
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