[OpenID board] Updated Funding Proposal

Recordon, David drecordon at verisign.com
Fri Apr 13 20:21:02 UTC 2007

So then you'd propose to use the text Drummond wrote?  Just trying to
understand what text I should be using. :)
It is proposed that board members server for two years and for elections
held annually, so no more than half the board turns over in any single
election. From the date of formal creation of this organization, three
the founding board members (chosen via a random method) will serve for
year, and the balance for two years. It is envisioned that a Nominations
Elections committee will be formed prior to each election, chaired by
the Chair or Vice-Chair of the board (whomever's term is not ending).
committee is charged with making nominations and recommending if the
size of
the board should be changed.


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	As to board elections, I agree that two years is probably the
right term length though with seven members that does leave the
possibility for high turnover.  Other thoughts on this?

As Popper I believe said, democracy is not so much about being able to
vote for somebody, it is about being able to get rid of somebody.

I think there is no problem with having relatively shorter time frames
(could be even shorter than 2 years) but allowing board members (or
officers, for that matter) to stand again in the next election. That
allows for as much continuity as the electorate is willing to stomach

Johannes Ernst
NetMesh Inc.


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