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Hey Andy,
No, all good questions!

I think the root of your confusion around your options for spending
$10,000 is how it is worded I'm sure.  What I see your options to spend
the entire $10,000 (in order of least bang for your buck to most) are:
 - $10,000 donation
 - $1,000 membership, $9,000 donation
 - $5,000 sponsorship, $5,000 donation
 - $1,000 membership, $5,000 sponsorship, $4,000 donation

It isn't designed to be an either/or for the membership, sponsorship,
and donation categories.  Do you have advice as to how this can be
written more clearly?

So I'm not sure if there is consensus yet on if membership is required
to chair a working group.  I do believe however there is consensus that
membership is required to chair or participate in a committee.

As the document currently describes working groups performing technical
work (such as specification, best practices, code, etc development) they
are not controlled by the Foundation.  Rather the Foundation is there to
provide resources they need and foster communication throughout the
wider community.  There is certainly an argument to be made that a WG
should be chaired by a member for Foundation communication, though at
the same time I'd think there would be other viable models as well.


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by and large this looks reasonable to me.

The comment "It is expected that the majority of donations will either
be below the membership fee levels or be above and beyond membership
fees, though not reaching of any of the sponsorship levels" doesn't make
a lot of sense to me, since the lowest level of sponsorship (5K) is
below the highest level of membership fee (10K)?  Am I missing

Thinking about an organisation like my own, which has in the past made
donations of $10,000 to organisations with some similarities to OpenID
(Wikimedia and CC), I'm slightly confused by the numbers.  We'd have the
option of either

- becoming a member for $1000

- becoming a sponsor for $5000 (less than we'd probably be willing to
make) or $20000 (more than we'd probably be willing to make)

- make a donation of $10000

It's not overly clear to me which of these I'd choose.

The document currently says:

Membership shall be required to:

    * Serve on the board of directors
    * Participate in or chair a committee
    * ...

I assume that the second of these should be read "chair a committee or
working group"?  Or is membership nbot required to chair a working
group?  Or are working groups not chaired?? :-)

How are decisions made (e.g. by the working group(s)) and what role does
membership play in this?  Again, apologies if I'm missing something

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> Hey all,
> This morning Bill, Artur, and I finally got a chance to sit down and 
> put together another funding proposal for the organization.  This 
> document was based upon the approach Dick proposed [1] as well as the 
> OCO Charter sent to the general@ list [2].
> Certainly looking for feedback and thoughts, happy to give others 
> editing rights on the wiki page if you send me your OpenID.  Once 
> again, sorry for how long this took us to take on this work.
> http://daveman692.schtuff.com/oidf_proposal
> --David
> [1] http://openid.net/pipermail/board/2007-March/000071.html
> [2] http://openid.net/pipermail/general/2007-February/001550.html
> (charter attached since it seems it wasn't archived)
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