[OpenID board] From the call today ...

Scott Kveton scott at janrain.com
Thu Apr 5 20:55:32 UTC 2007

Hey Everybody,

We had Dick, Bill, Johannes, Mart and myself on the call today and we all
came to the agreement that we need to start moving forward.  Dick has a
proposal that, although we may not all completely agree with, is the closest
to a proposal that is sustainable and while giving maximum community voice.

In light of that, Dick and I (mostly Dick) are going to work up a proposal
that we'll float here on how we fashion the by-laws.  This will be along the
lines of what Dick has already proposed.  The goals will be to outline
exactly what we're thinking of doing, why we're thinking of doing it that
way and then sending that out to the OpenID general mailing list for input.

The goal is not to dictate how this organization will be fashioned but more
to talk about this one possibility and how we have to look at several key
factors in our decision making process.  Hopefully we can convince the
community of our reasoning for the way to move forward.

Dick is hoping to have something out by Monday or Tuesday on this list so
that we can start discussing the exact wording, etc.

Drummond/David/Artur: would love to catch up via voice with you all to
discuss this if possible ... David mentioned something about a call at 5pm
on the same number ... Would love to try to make that happen.

Let me know,

- Scott

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