[OpenID board] Agenda for 4/5/2007 meeting ...

Drummond Reed drummond.reed at cordance.net
Thu Apr 5 05:02:34 UTC 2007

It turns out at the last minute I have to fly to SF tomorrow leaving at
12:30PM. I will call into the start of the meeting but I will have to board
the plane shortly after the start of the call.

Bill, thanks very much for the sample funding models. I read them through
and found myself liking the Apache Foundation model very much. Even though
the OIDF is not a foundation for a specific open source project, we are a
foundation for an open source *movement*, and so I see what David has been
saying about the cleanest model being sponsor donations.

I particularly like the different levels in the Apache model
(Platinum/$100K, Gold/$4), Silver/$20K, Bronze/$5K). I think the upper end
is right but I think we need go down one more notch on the lower end to $1K
(Plated Bronze? ;-)


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On 4-Apr-07, at 5:58 PM, Scott Kveton wrote:

> In the interest of trying to get things moving forward, I'm  
> proposing that
> we focus our efforts tomorrow talking over possibilities for the  
> bylaws and
> more specifically around what David and Bill are working on.


> Let me know if there are any other additions, etc that we should add.

Will we have anything to review prior to the meeting? I saw what Bill  
posted, but I have not seen a concrete proposal.

I am running a workshop tomorrow, so will be quite limited in my time  

-- Dick
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